Computational Thinking is the new literacy. As technology continues to grow in importance in our daily lives Computational Thinking has become very important in our society and an increasing number of jobs require Computational Thinking skills. However, Computational Thinking skills are also very useful for understanding how computers and next generation technology devices work which gives those in the know a distinct advantage. Therefore this project aims to create a game based learning concept through a mobile game app which teaches Computational Thinking skills. The players will acquire Computational Thinking skills while practicing critical thinking.

Serious Games are becoming increasingly popular as educators begin to unlock their capabilities. At the same time learners are more used to games in their every day life and technology grows to be ever present around us. Using the expertise of the different partners the consortium intends to create a cutting-edge game that will measurably increase Computational Thinking in students. The target group is defined as students roughly between 12 and 18 years old. A second target group consists of teachers who will be given concepts and materials for implementing the game as a Computational Thinking training tool in the classroom.

The consortium intends to create this learning approach in order to help weaker learners who might not be doing well in a formal school setting. The game is seen as a tool that can be used in support of class work in order to activate students in a non-traditional manner and help them acquire essential skills that they are not learning in the usual school programs.